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Related: Kelly Ripa Explains Why She'll Never Leave "Everyone jokes about how Barbara Fedida thought Paula would be her new Barbara Walters on this show. Walters was beloved to by the audience, Paula isn't.

The third season of That's So Raven aired on Disney Channel from October 1, 2004 to January 16, 2006.

The episode Too Much Pressure, which aired on June 17, 2005, broke Disney Channel records by being the 66th episode of the series, the first to break the 65-episode contract.

The hour long episode, Country Cousins, which aired on July 29, 2005, broke Disney Channel records again by scoring 10.8 million viewers, the highest broadcast on the network in its history.

Related: , you might have realized recently that Paula Faris' appearances on the show have been cut from five days a week to one… According to new reports out this week, executives have made the decision to cut 80% of Faris' air time after, according to a source speaking to , focus group feedback research on the highly religious host was "some of the lowest the network has seen since Elisabeth Hasselbeck." Uh… The source said:: "She yelled at the executives when they presented the information and said: 'This is a bunch of bull! Faris allegedly believes that Whoopi herself — and not the results of the focus groups — is the cause of her being cut back drastically!

' She is adamant that the network bowed to pressure from Whoopi to get rid of Paula as part of her negotiations to return for Season 20.'" Not only is Faris pissed about the switch, she's also blaming … The source said it didn't stop there, though: "Despite the fact that there was clear research showing her that the talk show's audience could not relate to her, she couldn't comprehend how the viewers did not like her.

Book Now We serve food every day from 12-pm and 5-9pm, all day on Saturday and 12pm-5pm on Sunday. Considering the show follows Raven and her young twins Booker and Nia, obviously they have to have a dad somewhere out there.But if you thought their pops would be some nameless, faceless nobody throughout the series, you'd be wrong.Resolving only her own problem already takes a lot of her energy and as such she cannot help others make their own personal decisions.In English, Raven Queen is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald.

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