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Carmen is probably the oddest person Niko can date - she frequently speaks of herself in a third-person sense and is constantly comparing herself to other women.

She is the former girlfriend of Luis Lopez among other characters.

Carmen tells her parents she wants to start dating, and she brings home a boy from her school for them to meet.

Everything about Jason seems to be perfect, except that he and Carmen don't want to go out in public together.

When asked by a fan her thoughts on the father of her child hooking up with Minaj, Bryan said, “I’m relieved I didn’t think my baby father still dated women” via Instagram.

Meanwhile, rumors of a love connection between Minaj and Nas started making the usual gossip rounds earlier this year. Needless to say, one photo was all it took to send fans — Bryan included — into a frenzy.

Towards the turn of the 21st century, the Carmen Sandiego property passed through a series of five corporate hands: Broderbund (1997), The Learning Company (1998), Mattel (1999), The Gores Group (2000), and Riverdeep (2001).

Subsequent acquisitions and mergers of Riverdeep led to the franchise currently being in the possession of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

The franchise has become known for its ability to surreptitiously teach facts, breed empathy for other cultures, and develop logic skills, all behind a mask of highly entertaining detective mystery experiences.

One aspect of the series that has received consistent praise by critics is its depiction of strong, independent, and intelligent minority women.

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