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En Mazmorra se reúnen tanto virtual como realmente todas las personas afines a las prácticas que nuclea el BDSM.Es una comunidad en permanente construcción, donde sus integrantes se encuentran y se relacionan de las formas más diversas.We might have been laughing, but actually, it was pretty hot. That experience launched what has now become a full-blown side job as a sexting Cyrano de Bergerac. I've coached dozens of prominent, self-assured Don Juans (and Juanitas)—from journalists to Emmy-nominated actors, prominent magazine editors to Wall Street wunderkinds — and I've learned that there seems to be a direct correlation between having game in person and totally lacking it in the digital sphere.I've made it my mission to help jaded friends and strangers come out of their shell and embrace their sextuality. When I tell people I'm a sextpert, most assume I'm talking about naked selfies and Snapchat.As luck would have it, I'm in a long-term relationship with an amazing man who "doesn't believe in texting" as a way to convey any sentiment (he's more analog, so our dirty deeds are usually conveyed either by smoke signals or letters sent by carrier pigeons). But while sexting can involve a quick pic, it's not a requirement (and it's safer without one).

Encontrarás la mejor información del Sado, sobre técnicas y prácticas BDSM, seguridad, conceptos sobre Dominación y sumisión, recursos, fotos y videos fetichistas y mucho más dentro de los más de 47000 temas abiertos en los foros, que se actualizan e incrementan minuto a minuto.My best friend's on-again, off-again boyfriend had just sent her one of those corny "Hey babe, what are you wearing? After getting her blessing to mess with him, I decided to beat this guy at his own game.So as a joke, with her by my side, I started sending her BF some sexy messages."I'm wearing pigtails and nothing else," I replied on her behalf. "We spent an hour playing what amounted to an X-rated Choose Your Own Adventure.Some adults think the term applies only to extreme cases in which a child’s bones are broken, or he is left bleeding, said Crystal Natan, executive director of Lancaster County Children & Youth Social Service Agency.Even if a father feels he’s in control, and isn’t spanking in anger, he’s likely to be much bigger and stronger than the child being disciplined so he can “easily bruise and harm a child,” Natan said.

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We’ll take turns hosting the Mamas Mashup on our individual sites and dish about everything from spanking and breastfeeding to co-sleeping and homeschooling. Don’t forget to use this hashtag so that we can actually see and reply to your comments. You can also email your topic ideas to [email protected]: I just read an article recently and the title just sounded ridiculous to me: Spanking your kids could affect your child’s vocabulary down the road. If that’s the case then I should be illiterate right now. I mean seriously, if that were the case, I would be a MUTE. My kids are extremely well behaved (seriously, ask anyone or come babysit if you don’t believe me), so the tail pops are few and far in between. If you spare the rod, can you still discipline your child in other ways? Sheree: Heather, You’re being irrational to prove your point. I think we’re in an age where people coddle their kids a little too much, barely or rarely disciplining them (even when they need to), and then wonder why they’re out of control when they grow up? Is it okay to give your kids an occasional spanking when they get out of control?

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